Science Films

Science Films Made By Scientists

Our team always includes a science producer as well as the video production experts – a scientist and communicator who ensures accuracy in the story.

Demonstrating Research Impact

A great research film is a long-lasting resource to show the value of a study. It’s also an excellent piece of engagement that can appeal to scientists, students or the wider public. 

Case Studies

We make informative, accurate and emotional case studies in many scientific fields from health to industry to biotech, from short films to full documentaries, designed to influence the public, scientists or industry.

Product films

From confidential prototypes to medical device user instructions, we’re experienced in creating compelling and detailed product films to inform and educate audiences or sell scientific innovation, tools and services. 

Bring Science to Life

The Cambridge TV science team was formed to make fifty+ half-hour science TV shows in Cambridge during 2015-16 and has continued to enjoy working together on compelling films that bring scientific content to audiences in a way that’s illuminating and accessible, without dumbing down.