We love audio production and specialise in developing and producing podcasts in a variety of genres from health to humanities and sport to business.

Our own podcasts are either commercially sponsored or funded by organisations and bring in listener numbers of up to 2,700 per episode or nearly 40,000 per season.


We work with clients to develop a great format, script and edit templates and production workflow.

Scroll down for details of our Podcast Development Workshops for one-to-one help through every step of devising, writing, recording and distributing your own podcast.

Individual & small group workshops

Developing your podcast

From development to uploading your pilot episode to the world’s podcast apps

In this practical course for individuals or small teams, we go through every aspect of podcast design, recording, editing and distribution.

The course runs over two sessions (in person) or four two-hour sessions (Zoom), with gaps in between for script writing and ordering equipment.

We will step through every important choice and select the best option for your podcast, including


Defining the purpose, audience and tone

Who is the host? Who are the guests?

Episode structure and designing a script template to quickly build every episode

Ideas for lively, easy to repeat segments to keep your audience’s attention


The right equipment: microphones and recording solutions for in-person or remote records

How to treat a room to get good sound, permanently or temporarily

Editing software options and building an edit template

Sourcing royalty free music


Choosing a hosting provider to suit your budget (or for free!)

Getting your podcast on all the major distribution platforms


We will help you write, record, edit and upload your pilot episode (which might be a test or might be your first real episode!)

We make sure your whole workflow is up and running